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65 Bigelow St. Pittsburgh PA, 15207    412-721-5780, 412-721-5782
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Package Add-ons
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TIME  Official time begins upon commencement of shooting (bride’s preparations, etc.), or one hour prior to the scheduled ceremony (when we setup our cameras, microphones, etc.), whichever is earliest, and time shall run continuously until departing the event location.
If the total job time exceeds the time contracted for, extra charges will apply at the rate of $250/hr, unless preplanned and prepaid at $199/hr.
CANCELLATION  In the event of a postponement or cancellation of this contract, so long as a minimum of thirty days notice has been given to Studio, the deposits paid may be used for any future event up to one year past the date of this contract, providing Gippos Video Studio has no other obligations for the future date. After that time, all deposits will be forfeited to Studio.
If Client gives less than thirty days written email or certified mail notice of cancellation or postponement, a $250 Cancellation Fee will be charged plus trip fees, if any trips have already been made.
If event is canceled after Gippos Video Studio arrives at location on the date of the rehearsal or event, the deposit and payment of first half of total fee will be considered “earned”, but the last half of total (if already paid) will be refunded.
CHANGES The Client has had opportunity to critically view samples of the Studio’s video work only online by his request  and has retained the Studio as the exclusive official videographer to cover this event. The Client grants Gippos Video Studio full production and editorial control regarding all aspects of this production and post-production.
Client may request one set of changes, upon  viewing on-line full wedding video. If such changes require more than one hour of editing time, such extra time shall be billed at $99 per hour. Such changes must be requested by email or other written form, within 72 hrs of receipt of approval video.
Studio takes utmost care with respect to the exposure, sound capture, editing, duplication and delivery of the video products and services offered. However, in the event Studio fails to comply with the terms of this contract due to any event or act, the Studio’s liability is limited to the refund of monies paid to Studio.
PRODUCTION MATERIAS The Gippos Video Studio must receive photos, invitations, music, checklists, and any other materials required for the completion of the production by wedding day. Production may proceed without such materials if not supplied by this time and Client agrees to accept the necessary changes in the production as a result.
RIGHTS Client warrants that he/she has the legal rights to anything the  Gippos Video Studio  will videotape, including photos, music or other materials supplied by the client for use in this video, and that use will be limited to viewing by friends and family.
Gippos Video Studio o reserves the right to use the original video tape and/or reproductions for display, promotion, publication or other purposes, otherwise an additional fee of $500 will be charged.
Gippos Video Studio reserves the right to remove themselves and all equipment at any time there appears to be a potential danger to themselves or equipment (belligerent or intoxicated people; improper fireworks; careless discharge of firearms; etc.). No refund or other consideration shall be given in such cases. Also, Gippos Video Studio agrees to work only in non-smoking environments.
For outdoor weddings studio utilizes proper equipment to reduce wind noise (fur muffs) and utilizes camera rain covers in the case of a drizzle or light rain. However, Studio reserves the right to immediately remove all equipment to an indoor location in the event of weather that may be hazardous to equipment or persons like lightning, strong wind, hard rain, etc.. No refund or reduction in price shall occur in this event but, hopefully, the event would be moved indoors where video could be continued.
TRAVEL FEE There is no travel fee within the Pittsburgh area. For all other travel, a mileage fee of fifty cents per mile for each trip made by Studio will be charged and immediately payable by Client for every mile outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Travel for location weddings must be agreed upon and included in a written addendum to this agreement.
OTHER If the Wedding takes more than four hours Client has to provide the meal to videographers the same set of meal that serve the guests. The serving should be done in the first order. 
PAYMENT:  The final balance is due not later then  within one week of  Wedding Day.
We cannot keep huge video files on our computer longer than ten days from the time we send your approval copy, so if changes are requested after that time, extra editing charges will apply.

We agree to the terms and conditions above and further agree to give non-exclusive rights to this video to GIPPOS VIDEO STUDIO, to reuse in promotion of their business or in any way they see fit, in any format or media that currently or may eventually exist, however we retain the rights to also make copies and use this video in any way we see fit.

Photo + Video Packages Discount
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We will send you a link to our online info form within thirty days of your wedding date, or soon after your registration, whichever is later
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ONE CAMERA BASIC (Bronze) -  $995
TWO CAMERAS DELUX  (Silver) - $1,595
Second Photographer: $500
Engagement session: $250
Day after session: $300
Rehearsal dinner: $250
Prep at the Bride's House: $250
Groom's Prep: $250
Love Story Short Movie $600
Post Production Editing: $400
Pre-Ceremony: $200
Photo Session Montage: $250
Highlight: $350
Second Videographer: $300
Second Camera: $200
Same Day Editing Video $500